Gtx 285 heat issue

i have a gtx 285 and it gets quite hot when playing call of duty. running on 1900x1200 high and 4x AA.

i have seen it go up to 70
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  1. Have you increased the fan speed like you should always do when buying a card that tends to run hot?
  2. 70c is not hot for todays graphics cards. The gtx 285 fans kick in around 85 to 87c. Ati cards are quite a bit warmer than this. Download furmark and see where the fans kick in on a stability test.
  3. i have the 8800 gts oc it gets higher then 70 (aprox 75) i use evga precision and play with the gpu fan try it it may work for you for me when the fan on 100% stable on 65C
  4. I just built a system with an MSI gtx285 OC card. My card also runs at a top temperature of 70 degrees. These cards are made to run at these temperatures. If you are scared of damaging it, mod your case with some more fans and make sure that the air flows in one direction (in at one end and out the other). I am using the Zalman GS1000 case with 6x120mm fans (3 intake and 3 exhaust) My GPU idles around 36-37 degrees and like I said, tops out at 70 under full load
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