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How do I turn OFF the overclocking on my Asus P6T SE? I know nothing about it except I received an error that something was wrong with overclocking. I don't need it for my photography business. I hope you can help as I'm stuck right now.
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    Overclocking can be turned DOWN, or the settings can be reset to default (no overclocking). There are a few different ways in order to do this.

    Depending on your motherboard, there may be a built-in reset switch, OR you can get into the BIOS and make the adjustments, OR another way to reset to factory defaults is to take out the real-time clock battery (CR 2032 Lithium flat battery) and leave it out for 10 minutes, and then replace the battery. On your computer, this CR 2032 battery is located at the lower right corner of the motherboard just to the left of the 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" blue component with the large white ASUS logo.

    Care must be exercised when doing any work inside the computer case - proper anti-static grounding is a must (safeguard against static discharges, especially in winter).

    If you are totally new to all this, I suggest that you do not attempt this by yourself.
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  3. Thanks. The tech told me it would show that message anytime there was a disruption in the power. He told me my pc was not overclocked.
  4. Glad to note that things are fine. There are some ways to find out the details of your CPU and the speed (overclock if any) - In order to do this, click on 'Start', then right click on "My Computer" and select 'Properties' - details will be displayed.

    Another option is to download 'CPUZ' and run it - here is the link for downloading: (the purple download button) - this gadget will display lots of neat information about your computer.

    Some experience in downloading programs and running them is required in order to do this. Good luck!
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