CPUID Programs and MA785GM-US2H

I've noticed that some who use the CPU-ID Hardware Monitor program get more accurate descriptions about the monitored items than I do. I looked thru the options and .ini file and don't see anything that will change this. Is there a trick or some way to re-label them? I looked at the features of the Pro version, didn't see anything regarding this either - but I'm too cheap to pay for it anyway!

Here's what I see.

Note that both the Temperatures and Fans section doesn't have a clue what these devices are. I know the middle Temp is the CPU - this shot taken while runnng Prime95 - but not sure what the others are. My BIOS only shows temps for CPU and System. The 3rd one might be the RAM?

The Fan section is also frustrating. I can figure out what they are by changing the speeds, but would be nice to label them properly rather than having to keep a cheat sheet!

The section on the AMD Phenom II Black Edition shows no values - as long as I have the 4 cores un-locked. With normal config and 2 cores, it shows internal temps. I realize this is a problem since the Phenom II X4 950 doesn't actually exist - and not likely to be fixed soon.

Can you re-label things like "TMPIN1" and "FANIN1"?
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    Like this?

    In 'pro', you just select the item and hit F2 to edit it... Don't know if you have to license it for this to work - I do...
  2. Well, your copy WAS the one I had in mind! Grrrrr...

    Will Pro run w/o a license? Or stop after a couple of weeks?
  3. I'll look into it and get back... The reason I license it, is that it is the only way, short of shooting myself in the foot by buying an nVidia based board, to access the fan controls for my ESA fan controller; nVidia touted the new 'open standard' ESA as the greatest thing since sliced bread - monitor your power supply currents, run your fans, blah, blah, blah - then, made it a part of their board cores! No soup for you! To me, 'open standard' means publicly accessible SDK, not 'hidden in our safe'! I had the intent of writing a PID based, multi temp input, multi fan output, temperature controller utility, as I've never found one with the level of control I want...
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