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Hi everyone, for my new build i will be purchasing the OCZ vertex 40gb SSD and i just wanted to as how much of that space will Windows 7 ultimate 64-bit take up? thank you :)
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  1. Approx 13 -> 15 Gigs, That's operating system + Microsoft office and with Hibernation Disabled.
  2. Potential Xpacs, software that ALWAYS installs to the OS partition, silverlight directx graphic drivers, and other drives for that matter should also be considered. Thus said, 40 Might not cut it. when i was testing how low one could push the OS partition size i started running into conflicts*with NO games or non default software* at about 32 Gigs granted that was w/o removing all the install files.
  3. Myself, I recommend a min of 60 Gigs for a desktop installation. For laoptops I prefer 100, but if just for email, surfing, watching blue ray/dvds and Office suit then 60 -> 80 gig.

    My initial response was to his question about bare min., Which is a expensive way to boost boot time.
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