Best Nvidia Drivers for GTX 285 SLI? Having Freezing Issues In Crysis

I just bought (2)BFG GTX 285. Crysis Keeps Freezing after 5 minutes of gaming.

I have a Core i7 system, 1000watt powersupply.

Is it the drivers? Or is something else causing this?
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  1. What Nvidia driver are you using, what screen resolution, what game setting high, very high, AA, need more info.
  2. The same thing happens to me on my SLI rig.
    Put everything on stock speed (CPU, GPU, RAM) and see if that solves the problem.
  3. 182.50 / 1680x1050 / Very High / 4xAA / Vsync on

    I figured out the problem, I had to download RivaTuner to manually set the fan speed to 75%. It was over heating. My cards are aparently overclocked from the factory. I guess I got lucky because it's only supposed to be at 666 with the BFG OC version but these are at 694, sweet. and these won't overclock with Rivatuner AT ALL, even 2 clicks, crash.

    I've never used Nvidia before, Why don't they have an overclocking/fan utility in control center? RivaTuner is the only program I know of that can control those options, unlike CCC where it's built in.

    I just sold (2) 4870x2's I had in crossfireX (4 gpus) for these (2) GTX 285's, and i'll tell you what, the performance is much better. I was always getting random slow downs, hicups, and glitches with those ATI's.

    Vantage Perfomance GPU score is 23800, with the ATI's best I could get was 25000. But the smoothness of these 285's is just amazing. Sorry ATI.
  4. Try EVGA Precision tool (free) to manually set your fan and GPU core, memory.
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