Please i need help to overclock this (noob thread)

Hey every one
i hope every one is fine and having fun , i wish that you help me to get better performance.

cpu : intel core 2 dup e7400 (2.80 Ghz)
Motherboard : Asrock g41c-s
Ram : 2 x 2GB DDR3 1333Mhz rendition (pd256m6408v69ad2j-15e) running at 1066
vga : ecs 9400 gt
psu : green power 550w
i tried to overclock but never got it stable , maybe some hints will help and what games it can run , i know old games but which ?
i cant update any part or buy new one cause parts here is 2 x price
even if i tried to buy online shipping and taxes and losing warranty doesnt worth it .
here gigabyte 480 = 800$ and i get 250$ monthly.
so plz dont make fun of my thread or my pc cause its the best i can get and am satisfy with it

thanks all
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  1. First of all, welcome to the Forum!

    This guide from this Forum should help:

    It is very detailed (thanks to graysky) and should answer your questions.
  2. thanks alot

    do u know what games i can run good ?
    i tried doom 3 and max payne worked very good
    but what else ?
  3. and can i run crysis warehead at the lowest resolution and lowest details ? the review of this game is very good.
  4. Most 'identical' computers behave differently regarding speeds, running programs, and running games. If the games' minimum computer system requirements are well within the capabilities of your computer, then the game will most likely run on your computer.

    Usually the 'game guru' at the store will be in a position to give you a more precise answer. Especially if you tell him/her in advance that you will return the game for a cash refund/credit if it does not work on your system.

    Good luck!
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