Win7 won't see my backup HDD with all my data :(


I have recently installed Windows 7 Professional but now all my backup data that was stored on a HDD with a single partition is not visible in My Computer, but it seems to be detected in Computer Management>Disk managemnt. I really need to get my data back (client database and all...), but I just can't seem find anything of use on the net regarding this issue. Any suggestion is more than appreciated.

Here is a screenshot of the problem:

The partition with the problem is called "DATE".

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Are you able to R-click and choose change drive letter?

    Hopefully this is as simple as assigning a drive letter then accessing as it seems to come up in disk management just fine with is very encouraging.
  2. will14 has it right. The only thing wrong in your screen shot is that DATE has no letter name. And you already show the menu (from right-clicking on it) that offers you the choice of changing (establishing) its letter name to anything not already in use.
  3. You were right. I managed to asign a letter to it and all is good now :)) It didn't occur to me that the fix is that easy.

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