X4 940 unstable above 3.6 GHZ

Hello everyone its been a while since I was on here. Anyway I was recently playing around with OCing and found that my X4 940 would become unstable at or above 3.6 GHz that is with a voltage increase to 1.5v...At 3.587GHz right now stable...How are these people I see on Youtube able to achieve 3.6-4.0GHz on the X4 940 and be supposedly stable at these speeds. My rig BSOD's at anything 3.6GHz or above. What gives?
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  1. 1- What cooler do you have?
    2- What temps do you get?
  2. I use the Titan Fnrir HSF with Artic Cool MX-3 TP...Temps are Ambient@25c Comp.@38c:Idle...Comp.@50c:100% as per Prime95 ..also during test I get a failure....Is this a stability issue with the OC? It runs all the latest games on max settings with no issue @ 3.587 GHz but a slight bump up to 3.6 GHz and Bam instant BSOD upon putting any kind of load on the machine.
  3. My 940s sweet spot was 3.6G, the performance seriously started to fall off after that clock anyway going any higher, I did manage to get it to 3.8G but it performed worse at 3.8G benchmark wise, so it wasn't worth it at all.

    AMD crippled that CPU by dropping the HT to 3600, and it just was not the overclocker most of us were looking for, or we'd still be running it, no offense but the 940 was a serious disappointment to me, and for a while turned me to the darkside. (Joke :lol:)

    The Intel camp, running a 775/Q9550, which was an adventure in overclocking and I learned quite a lot with it, I'm presently running an AMD 965 BE, with which I have nothing but praise for.

    Have you considered upgrading to a better CPU?

    The AMD 955 will definitely get you to 4.0G overclocking and gain performance in the process.

    It also will drop in your ASUS M3A78-CM motherboard with a 2101 BIOS flash, (Which you would need to preflash with the 940 still in it), that is a C3 stepping 125W model that's in the Newegg link.

    Just something for you to possibly consider.
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