Best 4890 brand?

I am going to buy a 4890 video card. Each company company claims to be the best. Does anybody know which brand truly rates best? Send a reference if possible. :)
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  1. The best warranty would be XFX.
  2. But is it the best card? For example Asus has the highest specs.
  3. overclock it maybe :sarcastic:

    Pick an OC supporting brand as not asus if they don't support it...
  4. Thinking about an MSI 4890 OC, I have a 3870 OC by MSI it has been a good over overclocker.
  5. +1 to Rewindlabs

    XFX is one of the few ATI card companies that supports overclocking in their warranty therefore it would be a good option because you could overclock it to get those extra couple frames out of it and if anything goes wrong, you're still covered.
  6. I'll check into that, Thanks
  7. Also don't forget that you can overclock the xfx just as high and if not higher than the asus....
  8. diamond has a 4890 xoc that is 925 that is factory oc what do you thnk of it
  9. I just got an XOC 4890 from Diamond Multimedia last Tuesday. I'm running it at core clock-950MHZ and Memory at 1050Mhz. No issues so far. I got it for $229. I plan to crossfire with exact the same board soon.

    I have use Diamond more than once with OC version. No problem with their boards.

    I have use Sapphire before but did not overclock the board.
  10. you guys in the states are more fortunate then us canucks they soak us on every thing we buy here or there that card is over 375 dollars canadian
  11. The normal price for the oc version is @279.... It was on sale for 3 days for $229.
  12. XFX, MSI, Asus. Those would be my first choice. Also don't forget HIS Hightech, but i don't think they make the 4890.

    EDIT: Yes! They do make it! Here's the link.

    HIS Digital 4890 -
  13. so far xfx sounds to be the best choice mainly because of warranty unless some one else offers replacement when a card fails at factory or oc settings
  14. Right, XFX is also good for Nvidia cards especially. Just a good brand overall I must say.
  15. asus has the voltage control...which can get the gpu core to 1ghz or a lil under
  16. bought the xfx card seemed the best choice thanks for all the help
  17. get_out_of_dodge said:
    bought the xfx card seemed the best choice thanks for all the help

    High five :D

    Good GTX 260 has been sitting on a glass desk beside me for more than a month....gawd almighty please get me a non doa psu :sweat: the anticipation/suspense is driving me crazy
  18. Funny how XFX is the best brand for both NVIDIA and ATI at this point...

    Just go with the standard XFX card and OC it to overclocked specs.
  19. +1, XFX is a pretty awesome brand, but I sorta like Sparkle Nvidia cards, I don't know why but certainly they're not one of the BIG manufacturers like EVGA, BFG or XFX. They have pretty good customer service though.
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