Athlon II X4 620 max voltage

i have the amd athlon x4 overclock at 3.25Ghz at (1.375V) but i want to push the clock speed higher..but dont want to risk hurting this cpu..right now im using a phemom heatsink with heat pipes and its running my cpu at 23-30C idle and 43C at max for 1 hour on prime 95.i want to know what should be my max safe voltage on this moutherboard is stable at a bus speed of 280mhz but my cpu will not get stable at 3.6Ghz even at 1.55V(is this safe)

one more question my bios puts anything higher then 1.40V(on the cpu) on red does this mean my moutherboard cant safely run this at this voltage?

any help would be cool...
my moutherboard is a asus m4a785-m
note my amd athlon x4 has been overclock at 3.25Ghz for one year now
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  1. Hi.

    Max voltage depends of temps and cooler, AMD says that is 1.425V.

    The red cooler means that the voltage that you are setting can hurt you CPU.
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