Serious Issues....Not sure what's going on....

Alright, well today was pretty much the same as any day. I woke up, turned on the comp, went to do some stuff around the house. I came back and the comp was running fine. I use Everest to monitor my temps. Everything was running a little hotter than normal as today was a hotter and I had the windows open. Nothing was running extremely hot. I cleaned my Keyboard, and my mouse (had a bunch of crap in the keyboard).

I then began playing WoW....Everything was fine, comp locked up so I had to turn it off. I looked down at the northbridge and there was a large air bubble in the lines for it. (Watercooled comp.) I got the air out, and it was running fine. Started playing WoW and once again it locked up. I turned it off let it set for a few minutes, tried turning it back on and the screen would not turn on, just a black screen. Although it booted up normally as I heard the Windows login sound. So, I tried messing with the VGA cord as sometimes it comes loose, and nothing. :pfff:

I turned off the comp, flipped the switch on the back, pulled out the video card, put it back in. (Ended up stripping the hole for the screw for it. :fou: ) Plugged in the VGA cord, and still a black screen but windows did boot up normally. I switched the port in which it's plugged into on the back of the Video Card, and it booted up and I could see the screen. I went outside to have a smoke, came back in and the screen with a very very distorted image. Almost like one of those images you look at where you have to go nearly cross eyed to see the hidden image.

So, I turned it off, and tried another vga cable and it seemed to work no problem. Then it locked up on me again after I was trying to research. I switched VGA cables again and it worked no problem. I then began doing to research to see if it was possibly the monitor cable, or the video card. I don't understand whats going on with it. It's been running flawlessly for months now. And the previous owner took very good care of it and it was always running flawlessly. I'm going crazy trying to figure out what's going on with the thing. :pt1cable: I then plugged in my headset while I was researching and looked back at the screen and once again the distorted image....

I turned off the comp, flipped the switch, walked outside for a smoke once again. Came back in, flipped the switch, and here we are. It's working no problem. I don't understand what's been going on with it. I'm getting very frustrated with it and I'd like to just get the issue fixed...... :fou:

I'll list the specs of my comp below. If any additional information is needed please let me know and I'll provide it. Thank you!

Motherboard: Gigabyte P35C-DS3R
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E6850 3.0Ghrz
Memory: 2 Gigs (2x1gig) OCZ Platinum Edition PC-6400 DDR2
Graphics Card: Nvidia 7800GTX
Monitor: Samsung Syncmaster 906BW
Hard Drive 1: WD 80 Gig 7200 RPM SATA (Not sure on the model)
Hard Drive 2: WD 70 Gig Raptor 10000 RPM
PC Power and Cooling 515watt PSU 1 Rail
Case: Koolance (Older model but looks like the new ones)

Once again, Thank you for taking a look at this post! :)
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  1. The RAMDAC in your video card is possibly going out, failing. 3 years ago, I had these same distorted screens for a week on my Ti4600 and then they worsened and in week the card permanently displayed lines, bars, small squares across the screen. Still worked but visually impossible to use it.

    Before the card died, the first hour of gaming was fine and then lock ups and artifacts. The next day, the first 45 minutes was fine. The next day after that, the first 20 minutes was fine. Until it reached yout point, the first 5 minutes was okay and then freeze ups.

    If you're able to, remove the GPU fan heatsink assembly, blow out the dust, remove the old TIM paste, drop some Artic Silver, reseat the fan heatsink, and se if that helps.
  2. It's watercooled, The Northbridge and CPU are watercooled as well. I'll see if I can get any AS5 and attempt to reseat the heatsink on it. It seems to be running fine right now though.
  3. Another thing is when I had it running properly, I tried to put the side panel back on the case. When I did so it froze the comp on me. : / I've currently ran Memtest, Chkdsk, Reg Cleaner, Spybot, AVG, Disk Cleanup, Defrag, and AVG.
  4. Also, it didn't just freeze up while playing WoW. It did it while just sitting at my desktop. Once all these are done running I'll try moving the comp once again to see if it freezes. I'll post once I do so.
  5. I played WoW tonight for a few hours and it ran flawlessly. It actually seemed to be running a little smoother than normal. Maybe it was just a hiccup in the system?
  6. I'm just taking a shot in the dark. Wouldn't bubbles in the loop suggest a leak? perhaps the motherboard and/or GPU got a little moisture on it. It evaporates and so do your problems.
  7. i agree with psy gess cheke for leaks and that the cooling system is all in place (pipe loose and stuff like that)
  8. well, I do live down in Florida. High humidity. Maybe it got some?
  9. Well, Seems as if it was just my HD getting a little to hot and causing the lockups and the screen blurs.
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