Q8400 Overclocking help needed

Im overclocking the q8400 at the moment ive reached 3.2 with no issues with a 1.300v. The issue ive got is my min mem multi is 2.0x which with a 400fsb sits the mem at 800, which is the mem type ive got, now i can goto 3.4 with mem slightly overclocked @ 851 i think, and a 0.1v increase as booting with no increase had issues and the cpu was @ 1.316 i think. When booting the system seemed slugish, my theory is as with a previous cpu is that the mem dosnt like overclocking even though it is decentish corsair with heat spreaders. Is there any other way i can get a higher cpu overclock without raising the mem.

Temps with prime 95 full load small ffts ran with many passes
overclock @ 3.20 800mem ratio 8x
0 58
1 48
2 53
3 53

there is also a difference between core 1 and the rest, but i have reaplied the thermal paste and reseated twice and no change. But i do pass prime95 no issues.

Any help appreciated.
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  1. Does your board have an unlink option for the cpu and mem. If so use it to unlink you cpu and ram so it won't OC your ram.
  2. i dont think my board has the unlink option, i have a gigabyte ep31-esdl rev 2. would it maybe go by a different name, the board only cost like £60 at the time.
  3. I would drop the multiplier and test the ram, then raise the multi and test the cpu after. You also can loosen the memory timings a little if you suspect the ram isn't happy being overclocked.

    You may need a small bump on the nb and fsb termination, what are they set to right now?
  4. The nb and fsb v are set to default at the moment, the only reason i wanted to go higher is that the temps im getting from the cpu are well within safe temps and was hoping for an easy 3.5 overclock, i could take the easy option and buy some 1066 mem but im building another pc in 4 or 5 months with an i7 and ddr3 so pointless getting the 1066.

    also im only using a freezer master pro 7 rev 2 heatsink and fan i feel its coping well,
  5. Setting the FSB termination to 1.3 and the NB to 1.4 can sometimes help. Just make sure the NB stays cool.
  6. Try bumping the memory voltage up to 2.2 volts if it isn't already there and relaxing the memory timing.

    And it is also possible that you have just about reached the limits of the CPU chip or motherboard chipset. The Q8200's generally do not overclock as well as the Q9300 series.

    The 10 C difference between cores is a little extreme. Around 5 C is more typical. But as you have tried remounting the cooler, you are probably stuck with it.
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