Stability test or overclocking test for ATI HD 5970

Hello,Everybody, what’s a good program to do a for Stability test or overclocking test for ATI HD 5970 graphic card, running windows 7 64 bit, does anybody have any suggestion..

Ps I had a program to check my ATI card, when I ran it, a video came up with a dragon on it, and I think it had mountain floating in the sky with wooden bridges connection them, it was really cool

Thanks’ Dominic
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  1. Another one is Geeks3D's TessMark hardware tessellation benchmarking and stability tester.
  2. OCCT use for test stress Stability CPU, GPU,PSU etc !

    OCCT can test stress your VGA slect in (GPU:memtest) for 1hours ~4 Hours maximum
  3. Yes? I did get the answer to my question, thanks’ a lot
  4. You can also run BOINC for a while to see if the cards are stable. It might as well be called a furmark bench. load up milkyway@home for a while, and if that doesn't crash it, you can call it stable.
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