Max temperature for TMPIN1, 2 and 3

I own a Gigabyte GA-MA790X-UD3P inside an Antec P183. I have just one exhaust fan, which is running at low speed, but is controlled by the TMPIN1 temperature meter. Simply because that one gets hottest.

Some questions though. The manual does not specify where these meters are located, and their maximum temperature.

So I'm asking you, what would be the maximum temperature, approximately? Right now the warmest they go to is 53-54 C, but if they can go higher that would be great.
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  1. The location of the temp sensors on all GB's boards seem to be a deep, dark, well-guarded secret - we've been trying to find out forever! On the D series 775 boards, I believe (but certainly am not sure) that the CPU sensor is somewhere under the socket, in amongst the VREGs, and the MOBO/quasi-MCH sensor is somewhere near the inboard end of the first PCIe slot; for the MA7xx series, I've never seen a peep...

    You'd be surprised at how hot components are regularly allowed to get in most modern commercial electronics - TVs, receivers, etc. The only reason we obsess over it in our computers is that we can read the temps! Take a look here at the Intel thermal specs for some of the northbridge pieces:
    97°C, 103°C, 113°C - yipes! The only reason that PROCHOT is regularly set much lower, is that CPUs are prone to thermal 'surges' - if they don't have a good thermal interface to 'spill' heat off to, they can make a 20°C 'swing' in a couple seconds, due to core loading, and you want to 'get ahead' of that...
  2. Thanks a lot for the reply!

    So, you're saying that I shouldn't really "care" about the motherboard temperature? As long as it is below 80 C (or even below 70 C), I should just make sure that the CPU, graphics card and so on are safe. I have not a single problem with temperature on my CPU.

    This is good, because now I can lower the fan speed on SpeedFan.
  3. Yeah - you're good. That reminds me, too, that one of these days soon, I've got to do another 'fan speed lowering' tune-up. People who OC obsess endlessly about temps, when what 'kills' OCd pieces is overvolting - not heat.
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