MSI GX610 Gaming Laptop, AMD TK53 1.8Gz, ATI 256 vid m

hey i wanted to know if the MSI GX610 w/ TK53 1.8 GHz proccesor, w/ ATI 256 v RAM video card would be able to play The Elder Scrolls Oblivion, and an online game called F.E.A.R. Combat. I am thinking of getting the laptop, but i need to know if it could play these games very well, no freezeing or skips, i would like it if someone could answer from experience.
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    If you overclock the graphics card and the CPU a little bit, it should be able to run it at reasonable settings.
  2. oops, didnt see your post there at the bottom of that link XD

    Lowest FPS was at 29.13, that is a playable framerate. Around or above 30 is good, but around 20 is kind of borderline.
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