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Difference between WD colors?

whats the difference between black blue green etc?
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    Generally, blacks are for games/performance, blues are for standard users, greens are for mass storage.
  2. SHNS0 said:

    Generally, blacks are for games/performance, blues are for standard users, greens are for mass storage.

    how much does hard drive affect gameplay? i play starcraft
  3. It isn't a noticeable difference, as far as I know. If you're on a strict budget, get the blue and there shouldn't be problems.
  4. I have several computers running. One has a 320 GB WD Black boot drive. Another has a same generation 320 WD Blue. Maybe a good benchmark program can tell the difference. I can't.
  5. A Great software for a large array*at least on pro version* of tools for analyzing HDD, SSD and even flash drives is HDTUNE. Link below
  6. Green = Horribly slow
    Blue & Black = ok
  7. I believe the greens run at 5400RPM which should be noticably slower.
  8. No, the new greens run at 7200. And anyway, the difference between 5400 and 7200 rpm isn't THAT big
  9. Yes the GREENS are for storage I always choose this as my external drives.
    The BLACKS for my OS coz I want to drive it brutally.
    The BLUE for my grandma, I love my grandma - her PC never sleep, coz I want it reliable and it didn't fail me.
  10. Hard drive speed doesn't affect SC2 at all, since your constantly DLing maps so you're always limited by internet speed. I guess a faster hard drive might let you start the game faster, but that's about it.
  11. Funny enough the 640 gig black is slower then the 1000gig blue.

    Greens are mostly for power savings. I use one for my backup since it was cheap/large/quiet/cool

    I had 3 blacks(i was kind of surprises, they are fairly quiet too) in (r)aid0(no redundancy in mode 0) and it was good and fast until one started to die. This is how i got the 1000gig blue(its what WDC sent me). I just rebuilt with 2 and moved on.

    For Starcraft 2, you are limited to other players anyway. It makes you wait until everyone is loaded. From that point on the game should run from computer and video memory and not have any use for the hard drive.

    If you want a faster SC2 game, its all about the cpu. Overclock it :p
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