Cpu over heat, help me pickout heatsink?

i think my pc has been shutting down due to cpu over heating. in prime 95 it will keep rasing in temps and wont stop. max i let it reach was 73 before turning off, im going to buy new thermal paste and heatsink and fan 2morrow. my cpu is a am2 amd 64 x2 5600+.

was thinking of getting either this paste http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=3298395&CatId=503
or this

and could you help me pick out a few of the best heatsink/fans i can get from 30-60 . over kill is ok if i can use that same one for a i7 later on. my case is a dell inspirion 531 so i guess its semi small? its not the slim version.

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  1. I would get an arctic cooling freezer 64 pro 92mm for $29.99 with free shipping at newegg.com. It should come with thermal paste, so I wouldn't waste any money buying it separately. It may come with a pad already installed, which is also ok. Simply remove any plastic cover on the pad if necessary before installing. For thermal paste, clean the cpu lid first with either fingernail polish remover or isopropyl alcohol on a clean rag. Apply a single drop of paste on the center of the cpu lid. Carefully spread it out with a single edge razor blade or old credit card. All you need to do is fill the tiny crevaces of the lid with enough paste to make contact with the heatsink. Too much makes a mess. The heatsink will press most of it out around the edges when installed.
  2. im actually trying to find something at tigerdirect. i bought a new psu from there thinking psu was my issue, im returning that and since they charge a 15% restocking fee if you get cash back on opened items im just going to get somthing there, and they however dont carry that model.
  3. bought Thermaltake / V1 / Multi-Socket LGA1366 Core i7/775/AM2/939/754 / Copper / CPU Cooler but it rubs my psu, =\ if its going to far in that direction which number do i check when i see 0x0x0?
  4. Quote:
    Are we talking about a 65nm 5600 2.9ghz Brisbane 89w cpu or a Windsor 2.8ghz 90nm?

    its actually the 65watt brisbane
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