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With the release of new graphics cards in the market i think it's time for me to change my old graphics card to a new one and as usual I'm in dilemma to buy which graphics card.....My budget is $550(Max)....My possible options would be


2. 2X1280 GB MSI Twin Frozr II GTX 470

3. 2X 1 GB AMD 6870

I see from other reviews that NVidia is the clear winner when it comes to SLI configurations than which one should I buy......whether to buy a GTX 570 now and buy the other card for SLI may be after 2-3 months or should I go with either 2 470's or 6870's...????
...and the reason I opt for msi is I live out of the US so i can't have the lifetime warranty given by EVGA

Cheers in Advance.........
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  1. I would grab a single 570 and overclock it a little. The difference in performance between the 570 and sli 470's/6870 CF isn't enough to warrant the extra 150.00 or so. And like you said you can always sli the 570 later, which will be faster than the other two configurations.

    Just make sure you have a good enough power supply to run two power hungry cards.
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