Can an S3 Prosavage DDR 32mb Run high definition videos.? on youtube?

is there an existing driver for my video card or even a tweak that will make it run high definition videos on youtube(720p and 1080p)?. I try to run the videos but it keeps freezing or plays like 2FPS so please help!
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  1. Nooooooo
    That card is so old and weak that it's pretty much useless
    You would need an ATI Radeon HD 3450 or 4330 to watch any HD videos
    But judging from the graphics card that your comp has in it the rest of your components would be so underpowered that you just need to get a new computer
  2. No. Any video card doesn't decode HD videos on youtube I think. It solely based on the CPU. My GeForce 8400GS can decode VC-1, WMV, H.264. Yet it cannot play youtube smoothly with my 2.0Ghz Sepron.
  3. yes..
    1. install the right driver (needs reboot)

    2. right click desktop > properties
    3. click settings tab
    4. click advance
    5. click troubleshoot tab
    6. move the slider 2 times in the hardware accelaration
    7. click ok
    8. enjoy :p
  4. why would you even have this garbage card this thing can barely even run the os
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