Intel i5-750 cpu optimum temp

I have a new PC
"i5-750 + gigabyte P-55-US3L + 1600Mz gskil NQ ram 4GB +MSI 5570graphics card"
I am facing a new problem of high cpu temp.of about 89C
please tell me a solution

win7 32bit ultimate
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  1. Stock fan correct? Did you make sure the pushpins are correctly and securely fastened to the back of the motherboard? Is the fan running full speed? Is the heatsink it's self warm, hot, or cool to the touch?
  2. it is hot after 10 min of usage.I think it is the fans fault
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    Yes a hot heatsink usually means it's seated correctly. What is the fan set to in bios?

    How's your case airflow?
  4. thanks the air flow from the back panel was the problem .I changed the position of my CPU now I have a CPU thep. of around 60deree
  5. Nice, big improvement
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