1055t or 1090t for overclocking

Can someone please tell me if its fairly easy to oc a 1055t, or should i just get a 1090t. I have never overclocked before and would like to save the extra money to put towards better gpu.
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  1. - Get 1090 because this CPU is BE can increase Multiplier CPU , U can see world record use mobo TA890FXE.
    - 1055T multiplier CPU locked, and overclock depend on mobo + good RAM ,overclock via increase FSB. Raise FSB =raise RAM clock (auto)!
    1055 Oc use FSB
    1090 OC use FSB + Multiplier
  2. if u have extra money u can get GTX 580 / HD 6970 or wait to 2011 HD6990
  3. ok so 1090t is best. what mobo do i need.
  4. get 890FX Chipset from ASUS/ Gygabyte feature support Crossfire / SLI
  5. ^ agreed!! if you can afford 1090t I would do that it's easier to OC i have had them both. FSB oc is a little trickier. and 890 chipset are better oc'ers
  6. @ henydiah 890FX boards ONLY support xfire.
    as far as i know to SLI with an AMD cpu. u need an (outdated) nvidia chipset on your board.
    the 890fx chipset is amd built hence no SLI
  7. scrie says : @ henydiah 890FX boards ONLY support xfire!

    yeach u true , not SLI.. only Crossfire X thank's :D scrie
    SLI in 890chipset need Hack it's not worth ! must add lucid hydra chipset
  8. Ok i just been having a thought and was wondering if i would just be better off getting a phenom 965 be. My thinking is that this is cheaper than the 1055t but is at stock as fast as 1090t, Will overclock easier to. What do you think.
  9. I would go with the 955BE for gaming as you want as much cash for the GPU as you can get.
  10. Sorry it was 965 clocked at 3.4 i meant to say. Will this still be lighting fast in everday use and some hd video editing, just a couple hours here and there.
  11. 3.4 is pretty quick, it has the headroom to overclock as well. I would look at at black edition CPU as they are much easier to overclock. 965 or 1090 either good but I think the 1090 may have future uses for the hexacore. (But that was my thinking when I got mine)
  12. ok i hear what your saying, but now im thinking of a i7 950 build. I cant take all this twoing and throwing, i need to make a decision soon. Im thinking i7 950 cause in a year or two i could throw in a i7 970 when prices have dropped. What you think.
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