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Let's say that I am a noob @ wireless connections, so my questions are:
1. What is the best way 2 connect 2 computers that are about 3km far by air distance?
2. What equipment would I need to do it?
3. Would it lagg, in other words how big would be the ping?
4. And would the transfer rate be 22MBit/s at .g standard?
P.S. Sorry 4 my bad englsh...hey it isn't so bad :)

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  1. 1. The best way would probably be to run fiber. If your only option is wireless then a point to point bridge setup is what you'd use. At 3km you'll need towers, unless you have an environment where one locations elevation is well above the other and there are no obstructions (trees, buildings etc...) You have to get line of sight at that distance.
    2. If you want reliability then enterprise level bridges. You could also go budget with SOHO AP's that will bridge. Get what you pay for there. The towers, if applicable, directional antennas, coaxial transmission cable, lightening arrestors and connectors. May need other gear, all depends.
    3. For a solid wireless link you'd see about 1 ms from bridge to bridge. From there it depends on the rest of your infrastructure. You might see up to 10 ms depending on the wired port, firmware chipset etc..
    4. For G, the signalling rate would be 54 Mb, the actual throughput would vary but about 30 Mb would be a good number to look at. Around 5 Mb for .11b equipment.

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