How much can i expect to overclock with max CPU TDP 95watt

Hey I just got a BIOSTAR A770E with a Phenom X3 8450e. I originally got the cpu and this other mobo combo for $50.(black friday deal). I sold that mobo for 43 and got this one open box for 44. I didn't think the 95 max watt would be a problem cause cpu is only 65 and to me seems like alot of head room to oc. After using the program to calc how many watts i notice the cpu watts increase alot when oc. my question is, how much you think i can oc this cpu with this mobo? I got ddr2 1066 and a aftermarket heatsink. Should I sell this motherboard lol? Also if I get a cpu thats 95watts would the mean i cant oc it at all?

edit after reading about TDP it seems like that's not the max power the cpu can take , but the max power of heat it generates , so if I have a good heat sink i should be able to go past the 95 watts?
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  1. No one knows what happens if you go past the 95 watt limit lol?
  2. ok thanks for the info, man I should of spent the extra $7 to get the TA785GE. I thought only diff was that the ta had a integrated video card, o well
  3. lol well i guess ill stick with what I have for now , waited 3 weeks to get everything and don't feel like waiting more.
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