Help with a 1055t overclock

Can someone tell me if a 1055t is a cpu that a first time overclocker could attempt to oc.
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  1. As long as you do your homework and get a decent mobo, there is no reason you shouldn't be able to oc it. It would be easier with a 1090t (unlocked multiplier) but you'll also pay $50 more.

    Just depends if you're up to the challenge and have the extra time to oc a locked multiplier CPU.

    I had built my own computers before, but never oc'ed anything until this rig I built in October.

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  2. Ok thanks. I dont mind spending extra on mobo, it makes sense. And the time is no problem, as i wont oc straight away. Whisch i suppose will give me time to learn a bit more.

    This will be my first ever build so im sure i will be kept busy getting to grips with everything. I just think should i pay extra 50 and make life easier or save and and put to ssd or something. Would it make sense to overclock a little at a time to get to know whats going on. Say maybe up to 3.2 then 3.5 and so on.
  3. I'll just warn you about the motherboard, the first one i picked was a microATX with a 4 pin CPU power connector. Don't know if that's what caused all my troubles, but I fried two of them trying to even do a slight overclock.

    So I got a full size ATX mobo with an 8 pin connector, and have had no problems with it whatsoever.
  4. ok cool i will pay attention to that. Cheers
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