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i have added a new 250g sata drive as a usb drive to my dell desktop. The drive shows up in device manager (working as it should be) but not in explorer or in disk management. I suspect it needs to be formatted, but i can't get to it to format it. Any ideas how to initialize the drive (using a preformatted drive with the same external harware works as it should)
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  1. What OS are you using? If you are using Vista or 7, right click on My Computer and go to manage. From there, you should be able to format it and it should show up in My Computer.
  2. Yeah that is how easy it is.
  3. os is xp
    yes, it would be easy IF the drive would show up under "manage". but it does not. the only place the drive shows up is in device manager. toshiba had asked me to return the drive.
  4. yes, i have tried other ports - and i have tried a duplicate drive using the same usb hardware. drive is on the way back. we will see if the new one acts the same or not.
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