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Howdy folks, two questions about SSD RAID arrays

1. Can I RAID 0 two mid-range ~60gb SSDs even if their controllers are different? (One is Indilinx the other is a sand force)

2. Is it worth it? Are the performance boost results achieved by RAID 0 significant on SSDs?

PS. I am aware of the data risk of RAID 0 but I am ready to chance it!
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    Don't RAID0 different types of SSDs; you ruiin the performance of the sandforce. Keep them separate.

    You also lose TRIM support on both by RAIDing them; only on Linux/BSD is there TRIM-on-RAID support, as of yet.

    RAID0 generally on SSDs makes sense; SSDs are already using RAID0 internally. The Sandforce has 8 channels and the Indilinx has 4 channels; which could be considered an 8/4-disk RAID0 array that the controller exposes via the SATA interface. SO RAID0 is common, and if you keep a good backup there's nothing wrong in doing so. Especially with Intel drivers you can get a speed boost, by enabling Write Caching option.

    But in your case, keep your Sandforce and Indilinx separate; they behave very differently and losing TRIM isn't worth it.
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