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How many fans and heatsinks would i need to keep this at a good temp?

I will be using the i7 950 and overclocking to about 4.2 ghz ,what ,and how many fans or heatsinks or watercoolers would i need to keep it running like there was no overclocking? also I'm using the HAF X 942 case and an ATI HD Radeon 6850. Also I will be doing heavy projects on this like HD video editing and gaming.
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    Excellent case choice... but you didnt mention what CPU cooler you are planning for your rig??? That'll play a very important role in your rigs cooling...

    Just a suggestion from my side on fan positioning and airflow... remove the rear 140mm fan and install it at the bottom next to the psu as an intake fan... keep the rear open or just put some fan grill or mesh to cover it up if needed... The idea is to have more intake and less exhaust to create positive pressure... so you'll end up with one 230mm fan in the front, one 200mm fan in the side... and one 140mm fan at the bottom as intake against two 200mm fan at the top for exhaust... the excess air will push themselves out through any opening including the now vacant rear opening... I did this to my HAF X and though there have been no discernable change in temps but i could feel the air being pushed out through the rear fan gap and the holes around the expansion bay... this ensures you are not sucking in air which is already exhausted from the case...
  2. hmmm... to my understanding your supposed to have your intake at the front and/or bottom of your case and the exhaust on the back and/or on top.
    on my computer i have a 120mm fan sucking air on the bottom (the case is on a clean wooden surface so not much dust is sucked up) and a 120mm fan on the back as an exhaust. My PSU also blows air out the back while my cpu sucks air from the side vent (like most cases have) and just dumps it inside the case.

    Anyway if your going to go for water-cooling make sure to take note that its a lot more expensive than air cooling
  3. 1) Get a good cpu cooler. The Prolimatech megahalems is about the best, but there are other good ones.

    2) The standard fans with your case should do well. Front, bottom, and side are intakes, and top and rear are output.
  4. there is no bottom fan default... its optional... and if a big PSU comes in then that slot also gets covered...
  5. Sorry, I was not suggesting a bottom fan, only describing the best airflow. In this case, the single 230m front intake fan provides sufficient airflow. Anything more is just extra.
  6. I have the HAF 932 case, and I added one bottom fan pulling air IN - 120x120 fan.
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