Need help with system crash WMIxWDM error

This is my first build. (and I'm ready to through it out the window)

It's composed of:
AMD 940 3ghz BE
ASUS M4N72-E mobo
Ultra 650w psu
Kingston Hyper-x KHX8500D2T1K2 2x2gb (the t1 is the tall heat sinks)
Seagate 350gb hd
XFX nvidia 8600gts (pulled from my old machine) I know this sucks but it will get upraded soon.
OS is xp 64bit (ishould have gone with vista 64 bit)

I read a post from about 3 years ago regarding this issue but I still cannot find anything relevant.

I am having a problem with random freezes which require rebooting. The freezes happen before bios, during bios being loaded, after bios(before windows loads), while windows is loading, in windows while doing gaming and while doing nothing. When it crashes in windows I usually get a WMIxWDM 106,107 or 123 error in the system event log. I cannot make the computer freeze. I can place it under heavy load but it will freeze sometimes while the screen saver comes on.

I have run memtest86 with 7 passes and no problems reported. I've run Everest and Prime95 stress tests with no crashes or errors. The last Prime95 I ran was 3hours with the Asus Probell motherboard monitor running. No crashes, low heat (cpu maxed out at 58c motherboard at 39c and only a .05 fluctuation on the 12v rail and no movement on the 5v rail).

All drivers are up to date and new ones (such as video) were erased before new ones were added.

The only other error in the system log is sometimes a nv error caught in a continous loop (but rare). (The driver nv4_disp for the display device \Device\Video0 got stuck in an infinite loop. )

Just yesterday I ran a Prime95 stress test while running a motherboard monitor from asus. It ran for about 3 hours and it did not crash and no errors. The temp was running at a constant 57c the power supply only sometimes showed a 12v drop by .03v - .05v (running at 12.02v droping to 11.97v )and everything else was great.

So is it the video card, motherboard or cpu?

Please help, Bill
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  1. thanks for the info. I will check the jumper setting on the mobo.

    I'm in the process of getting a new similar video card to test that problem.

    One other thing is that a normal fluctuation on the psu it seemed pretty solid while running prime95 stress test?
  2. I fixed the problem! It was the video card. If any ever needs help with this issue you can contact me and I will try to help
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