Gfx card choice: 4870 1GB vs. GTX 260 216 896MB

Building a Corei7 system. Local computer shop has no-sales-tax deal this weekend and offers 4780 for $199.99 and GTX 260 for $215.00. The main board I chose can upgrade via SLI or CrossFire later so ATI vs. Nvidia doesn't matter.
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  1. either

    but personally I'd pick the one that was cheaper OR the nicest color
  2. COLOR is a def lol my the first gpu was nvidia due to it was green!

    What games do you play more and go from there there are nvidia and ati bais games.

    If you really don't care buy the cheapest!
  3. Either are nice and cheap so go with what you feel. GTX 260 216 core is slightly better but i have a 4780 1gb it works very well. Just go with what you want and the cheaper of the two.
  4. They are so closely matched swapping the lead in different games ..

    Probably the things I would consider are whether the MB supports crossfire/sli or neither .

    And then I'd buy the ATI because its cheaper and the CCC is better than anything in nVidias drivers
  5. Thanks all. My main board choice can do SLI or CrossFire so for the extra $15.01, I went with the EVGA GTX 260 Core 216 because it is darn close to a 280 (216 shader cores) and its the superclocked edition (626 MHz Core / 1350 MHz Shaders / 2106 MHz memory) as well which should mean I have a good chance of pushing it even higher.

    But in the end, either way I don't think I could have gone wrong as you all noted. Once the price drops more after the 285 starts shipping in volume locally, I'll pick up another and SLI 'em.
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