Same thermal paste to cpu and gpu?

i ordered some as5 and i need to replace my paste for my cpu and gpu. could i use this paste for my gpu as well or would it be dangerous or not work? or would i have to buy a different paste for my gpu?
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  1. Yes you will be fine
    Don't apply to much,AS5 is Electrical Conductive
  2. wouldnt that make it dangerous?
  3. Only if you get it on the wrong parts ;)

    I always reapply paste to my GPUs as soon as I get them out of the box but I do not use conductive paste. I used to use Arctic Silver Ceramique but now I use IC Diamond.
  4. whoppalol said:
    wouldnt that make it dangerous?

    If you just ordered and can change the order i would get better paste
  5. yeah get better paste. as5 is old... Today people just get it because of its name. Even googling thermal paste shows as5 everywhere. I used to like it, but now there are better pastes to do.
  6. IC Diamond 7 is good. Cheap too.
  7. MX-2.
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