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am having issues with my video controller. My video driver had issues and IBM THINKPAD T43 product support made VGAsave my default instead of actually fixing the problem. I have a dell obviously, and I have no driver that is working except for VGAsave, which has minimum capabilities. When I run the "right click 'mycomputer' under the startmenu deal" I have just question marks in my video controller driver section. however, it's definately made for VGA drivers.

I simply cannot find the right driver to fix the issue, and if i did, i wouldn't even know how to set the new driver to default. please do not tell me to go to and search drivers becasuse they only have 2 for my model, one of which doesn't work, and the other which it states my computer doesn't have enough capability for.
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  1. Why did you go to IBM support for your Dell? You may want to start at the beginning here.

    What heppened, when and why? The only place to get video drivers for your computer is from Dell, look it up by model number? You could also have a hardware issue with the video chip also which can cause the drivers not to work.

    How did you try to install the video drivers? You should also post your system model here. Did you check your system tag number to find the drivers from Dell's site?
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