1156 motherboard chipset plans

Is there any plans for a different chipset to be released in the near future for the 1156 socket. I dont know maybe its just me but all the 1156 motherboards seem pretty plain.
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  1. ^ In the near future I dont think so...
    But Nvidia might launch an additional chipset to support the NB like they did for the X58, by releasing the NF200 providing additional PCIe bandwidth...

    But that sure is going to drive the cost high of those mobos, if released...

    And could you tell why you feel the 1156 mobos are plain ?
  2. I guess im just looking for asus to release a ropg board like they had with there 775 socket.
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    ^ If am not wrong they already have released a ROG board for the LGA 1156...
    ASUS Maximus III Formula LGA 1156
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