Best 120mm fans for a Black Ice GTX radiator

I need to know what fans will work best with my Black Ice GTX radiators. I have heard that they need fans with high air pressure and high RPMs. I am not sure what fans to get though. Under 40dB is acceptable as they will be in my case with sound proofing. I would prefer a 25mm thickness, though I have space for 38mm. Also, 3 pin connectors are preferred.
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    If you dont have a problem with budget suggest this Noiseblocker for $29...
  2. I like the gentle typhoons great rad fans, the 1850 rpm are great with a fan controller.
  3. abully said:
    If you dont have a problem with budget suggest this Noiseblocker for $29...

    Do you believe that these fans will provide sufficient CFMs and pressure? I looked at the Skinnee Labs test of the HWLabs (Black Ice) GTX 360, and they used a Scythe Ultra Kaze, and I will most likely be using these. Thanks for the input though. :D
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  5. The scythe ultra kaze are 38mm thick high CFM fans but if you dont mind the sound of jets taking off every time then its an excellent choice... just ensure that you run them at 7v for better sound levels and not loose too much in performance...
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    nYou dug your hole, good luck...........
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