Can a ddr3 memory fit inside a ddr2?

hey guys my laptop came with a pair of 4gb ddr2 memory....

i was wondering if ddr3 chips can go inside them?
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  1. No. They aren't interchangable.
  2. what about laptops that said that they can accept both?
  3. If they can accept both than yes, but they dont go in the same slots as they are physically incompatible. Also you cannot run both at the same time
  4. ^^ They will have physical slots for both, but you can only use one set at any one time.
  5. do you know...if your laptop says that they accept both

    (i only asked if the pcs accept both b/c from read from earlier forums)

    does it say on the website? (im planning a sony vaio, so..)

    how do you know?
  6. 1. You DO NOT need DDR3 for a laptop. (Exception begin the upcoming mobile CPUs based on Nehalem. )

    2. Give us a specific model. Then we can tell you more about it.
  7. Sony Vaio SR

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