PLEASE HELP hard drive is dead

my hard drive is dead(caviar green 500gb)
and i need my info from it
i don't have anything backed up recently(last back up was 8 months ago)

I can still feel the hard drive attempting to read the disk but something is wrong with it
there is no clicking noise
it won't boot (BSOD)
wont boot even with another hard drive as primary

if i buy a sata-usb adapter would my laptop accept the harddrive and id be able to move my files over?

or can anyone suggest another solution
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  1. Not likely, unless the failure is in your mobo/disk controller and not in your disk drive.

    If you buy the converter, you have maybe a 1% chance that the drive is still good. But if it fails to read on your laptop, there's a long shot you could also try.

    One of the real staff here at Tom's mentioned that *sometimes* when you cool (literally freeze) your hard drive, you can coax 5 to 10 minutes of operation out of it. Dunno why, never tried it myself. But you don't have many options.

    Last thing you can do is send it out to a data recovery servce, which will likely recover most if not all of your data at a cost of many hundreds of dollars (cost me $400 six years ago).

    Good luck! Makes an extra disk and some backup software look pretty good, eh?
  2. Ah. I tried freezing it alrdy. I thought it was just a myth. Maybe I'll try to leave it in the freezer longer. I guess if I can get 10 mins ish. Extra. I have to be fast -_- my music library and old stuff isn't worth a few hundred to me. It's just a pain to have to get all of it back.

    Unless of course I figure out how to export music from an iPhone.
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