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Hey everyone, I am currently waiting on my 6870 to arrive and im also new to overclocking so I have been trying to experiment with my ram and IGP so far. It has sideport and that is currently oc'd from 1333 to 1550 and my IGP clock from 400MHz to 950MHz. Using the bios (of my M4A89GTD Pro)I believe I can only change the voltage to my gpu through the NBv right? Using ASUS's TurboV Evo program and GPUBoost, I can change the GPU voltage and keep it stable in windows. Is this raising my NBv or is there a seperate GPUv? I dont have additional cooling on my NB. This chip is very easy to boost but I don't want to take my NBv too high creating excessive heat. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!
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  1. not significantly raise CPU-NB, I have a hd4290 Oced conditions in this state remains NB in the auto voltag, And only maximize the memory with 512mb sharing and select UMA+ SidePort, to clock control my overclock from 700 to 990~1000 and get max Score software bencmark 3DMark06, depen on HT link & internal GPU Clock
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