What is the best boot drive SSD I can get for $80-120?

Am I basically looking at which one has the greatest MB/s in sequential read/write speeds? Or is there more to consider?
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  1. The best MB/s in that price range is seems to be the 64GB ADATA S599. It was $110 yesterday, now $115 though.
  2. Oh nice I didn't see that one, same price after rebate too. Yeah I would go with the Vertex for the same price.
  3. Any of the SSDs using the SF-12xx controllers would be an excellent choice.

    One cavet - What MB, reason if it is an AMD, you will not get the "Advertized" performance as the SF-1200 likes the Intel chipset using the Latest Intel RST drivers. If you have the Intel chipset, ie P55, H 5x, or ICHxx chipset, Do NOT use the usoft default AHCI driver (As recommended for most older SSDs), use the latest Version of Intels RST (Ver 9) driver. This means going Back to using the "F6" additional driver during install.
  4. Just got Vertex 2 64gb and it's a bomb !
  5. I'm planning on putting these into an AMD system, I think I'm going to have to make a decision between these 2:

    Which one should I go for?
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    The Vertex 2 offers slightly better performance over the Agility 2. The fact that it's cheaper right now makes it an easy choice.
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