Upgrading video card on a Dell Studio Slim desktop

Hello all,

I read some posts on "low profile" graphics cards but I still would like some help :(

I just bought a dell studio slim desktop model 540S. It has a 250 W power supply and an ATI radeon HD4350 and have a 24" HD monitor.

I will be looking in the not to distant future (3 - 6 months) to upgrade the video card but I dont want to be limited to low profile cards if they cant provide decent graphics for new games.

Would I be able to just buy a new case and higher W PSU and just transfer everything over? If so I'm not opposed to that, I've never done that before but I think I could handle it. is that possible and can anyone recommend a case and power supply?


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  1. Unless Dell has changed the BTX layout then the case upgrade probably won't be cheap. What is the new GPU meant for? Gaming?
  2. Yes the GPU would be for gaming, I don't need to have he top of the line card, I just dont want to be limited.

    How much do you mean by not cheap? would the mother board I have with this dell be compatible with regular sized GPUs?
  3. The Studio Slim 540S has the Intel G45 Express Chipset...regarding my question about compatibility with the regular sized GPUs.
  4. I got around it by having someone reconfigure the 2nd hard-drive cable to fit the geforce9600gt, then cram it all in.

    This has worked great so far (it's been 5 months and hasn't exploded), but invalidates the warentee.
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