Looking for another 2 fans (compared to AP-15s) for p/p on a H50?

Hey everyone.

I am ready to initiate and work on my system again, finally utilizing the Corsair H50 I bought a few months back.

I originally wanted to use the AP-15 fans and get two of them after hearing about rave reviews and user experiences. However, it seems they're always out of stock.

I did not want to wait any more, so I want to purchase two good fans, alternative to AP-15, that are easy to install (as I've never installed an aftermarket cooler before, let alone, a semi-liquid cooler like the H50), reliable, not that expensive, etc.

Anyone know of any two alternative fans I can use for push-pull with the H50 that would work with my Antec 900 case? Or, I could try using the current H50 fan (that Corsair provides) and my rear Antec 900 tricool fan (since it will need to go out anyway).. but they're obviously different speeds, and I wanted to maintain a same-speed same-fan configuration (from what I've heard, is best).

I was trying to find two fans for less than $30 or so. The AP-15's, although out of stock right now, are estimating to be close to $40-50 for both after they become available in stock (who knows when).

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  1. I would recommend these fans:


    They're pretty cheap, good airflow, and pretty quiet.
  2. Hello,

    On my H70, I replaced the stock fans with 2 Noctua NF-P14FLX. It works great. You could also use Noctua NF-P12. Both are expensive, but you won't regret it. Noctua makes the best fans ever !

    Hope this helped,
  3. You can go with the AP-14, performs pretty similar to the AP-15 but with less noise.
  4. @OP here is link for 120MM RAD fans ,Yate Loon's are well respected fans and very reasonable priced ;
    GT's are in stock to,look in to 1600~2000 rpm fans
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