Using both sata and ide hard drives simultaneously

I am using Windows XP along with a Western Digital IDE hard drive 160 GB and a Samsung SATA hard drive 250 GB. When I run BIOS I see both the IDE and SATA drives, but in the boot priority menu I cannot select the SATA drive.
I would like to run my OS and applications off the SATA drive and use the IDE as a backup. Any assistance on proper configuration is greatly appreciated.
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  1. I have an IDE and SATA drive setup in a system without a problem. Maybe try using the slave input for the IDE drive instead of master?
  2. I tried to use the slave connection and it did not provide the result I was looking for. My computer works okay, but is noticeably faster when I disconnect the IDE drive and run only the SATA drive (thus booting from Sata). I am looking to maintain the level of performance that comes from using the SATA as the master and the IDE as a slave, but I haven't got it right yet. I appreciate your response.

  3. Go back to your BIOS - from the drive configuration or Hard disk consider selecting the SATA or selecting the SATA drive to move up (I think this is the first menu) then go to the boot sequence you should see the SATA hard disk on it (select it as the priority drive to boot).
  4. That is the crux of my problem. The BIOS recognizes both hard drives (both are enabled and functioning), but selecting the SATA drive is not available in the boot priority, only the IDE is available for selecting in the boot order priority, and I do not understand why.
  5. Two ribbons, one connecting DVD drive, CD-R drive and a: drive. Second connects the IDE to MOBO and the power supply for both SATA and IDE drives. IDE to MOBO has been tried in both master and slave configurations. Separate cable connecting SATA to MOBO, SATA #1. Hope this is detailed enough.
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