G.Skill "Sniper Gamer Series" SSD

Hello everyone,

I'm sure you have all noticed the new SSD from G.skill; the Sniper. I just wanted to know what makes them special. On the side-by-side comparison screen on Newegg the only difference I see is on the PHX model it says "RoHS FCC and CE Compliant " and the Sniper it doesn't say that.
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    Good question, the 120GB Phoenix Pro and Sniper models look identical. My guess is maybe they are trying to make it easier to distinguish between the Phoenix and Phoenix Pro models by dropping the Phoenix Pro name and changing it to Sniper.
  2. Looks like a marketing ploy to me too. I have noticed that there isn't any SSDs that are labeled as a "gamer" drive. I know that G.skill had that other series, something like Falcon? Maybe the Sniper is just the next generation of G.skill SSDs...
  3. Two Models:
    [ SNIPER] FM-25S2S-60GBSR and FM-25S2S-120GBSR
    Read Rate: 285MB/sec(Max) Write Rate: 275MB/sec(Max) IOPS:50000 (disk aligned ; 4KB random write) Controller: SandForce SF-1200

    RoHS FCC and CE Compliant are Reliability Specs
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  5. "RoHS FCC and CE Compliant"

    I think everything has to have this sticker on it somewhere anyway. It's just environmental red tape or something I think.

    Any time you see "gamer" or "Fatal1ty" in the name of something that has nothing to do with gaming (and perhaps even if it does) think "marketers who have run out of ideas."
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