3dmark05 crashing

Setting up my old computer for a friend, and for some reason when I try and run 3dmark05 it gets about half way through the first test (fire fight) then crashes. I get the error "direct3ddevice9 present failed driver internal error". Need to re-boot after this because the display becomes unreadable, and screecheing type noise comes out of my speakers. I used to run 3dmark05 fine with this machine fine, not sure what happened.

I have the latest version of direct x installed, and the latest version of CCC from ATI's website. Any ideas?

Athlon 64 3200+
500w Antec NEO HE
1.5 gigs Mushkin DDR-400
DFI LanpartyUT nf3 250gb MB
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  1. The latest driver from ATI does not support your card, assuming you are running 9.4 that is.

  2. Sorry for the lack of response, was on vacation. I unfortunetly no longer have the driver CD's that came with the card. How can I find out the last version of CCC that supported this card?
  3. Here is a link to older Drivers

    Any driver lower numerically will support your Card so anything on that page should be fine.

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