Corsair XMS3 vs. OCZ Reaper HPC Edition Triple Channel

Hi guyz,

my question is:

What is better? The Corsair XmS3 with a latency of CL7 ( 7-7-7-20 )
or, The OCZ Reaper HPC Edition Triple Channel witha a latency of ( 7-7-7-24 )

They run at the same speed of 1600Mhz.
The cost at my store is the same, so the price doesn't matter.

Pls give me your opinion! :wahoo:

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  1. I would go with the Corsair over OCZ anythime...
    Their products have better quality than the OCZ...
  2. I think the OCZ requires 1.9V, a big no-no on some boards/cpu's.

    Go for the one with the lowest power requirement. The specs you give are the same basically.
  3. @mongox All the Tri-Channel memory, designed for the i7 would stay below 1.65V... I think you are talking about the Dual-Channel DDR3 sets...

    That OCZ that he has listed would operate at 1.65V...
  4. OK sounds good, You're right, I was looking at the duals. But I wasn't aware that ALL triple channel RAM was 1.65V either. So if they make 1.9V dual-channel, do they make 1.9V 3-channel?

    Makes you wonder why anyone would make 1.9V DDR3 RAM anymore at all. I see so many issues related to voltage requirements in this forum, even with DDR2. Maybe Intel's standard will force all companies into tighter standards. I suppose that 2.2V say is cheaper to manufacture?

    But it seems clear that from the user's standpoint, 1.8V-2.0V for DDR2 and 1.5V-1.65V for DDR3 would make a lot of sense. And would reduce the need, and demand, for such a wide variety of modules.
  5. I doubt they would make a Tri-Channel kit running at 1.9V...Because the only CPUs(i7) that use those kits have a specified 1.65V limit for the RAM...

    And most probably all the DDR3 would move to 1.65V or less as even AMD support it and such sets with low Voltages would give out less heat and would consume less power too...
  6. gkay, check out this thread for an odd problem caused by the RAM not matching i7 low voltage specs.

    In addition, in yet another thread, we were discussing whether it was OK to get 2 triple-channel and one dual channel kit to fill out 8 slots. Clearly, the reverse is NOT true, don't use 3 dual-channel kits to fill 6 triple channel slots - since if you CAN buy 1.9V dual and CAN'T buy 1.9V triple, you could end up with the wrong voltage quite easily.

    Thanks for all the info!
  7. ^ Before some days, there was a thread with the same issue...
    Like I said the I7 CPUs allow a max of 1.65V for the RAM voltages...Anything above causes stability issues and weird problems...
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