Which temp in speedfan is my cpu?

Hey all I'm a bit confused. Trying to monitor temps but having an issue with what is what.

I have four temps listed in my speedfan:

Temp 1 & 2 are in my bios supposedly with 1 being the cpu and 2 being the motherboard.

BUt wtf is my core?

Temp1 Idles around 40c while Core is around 28C

Any help would be appreciated.

Stressing in Prime 95 my core goes up to around 44C and my temp1 to 50-51
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  1. Quote:
    Not sure without seeing it. Try CoreTemp. It will list core #0 and Core #1, those are your cpu temps.

    Thanks :)
  2. Quote:
    Let us know what your readings are in CoreTemp.

    It was indeed the core temp as stated earlier. I also got CPUID's Hardware Monitor to verify.

    So far with my 720 oc'd to 3.2ghz on air & stock hsf (16x200 @ 1.3750V) my temps were around 33 idle and 48 load.
    I had a hell of a time getting it to 3.3ghz (16.5x200 @ 1.4500) temps were still 33 idle and moved up to 52 load.

    And last, I got my 3.4ghz Stable. 17x200 @ 1.5v stressing in Prime95 gets me 56C on load. I guess it could be worse. Not sure if the 1.5v will be okay but it looks like a lot of people are doing it fine. I'll probably bench it and see if the small gain is worth the heat.

    Can't wait to cook this thing with a new hsf :D
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