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I plan on building a new system that would meet the follwoing specs (items are listed in order of importance):

1 - RAID 5 on the motherboard (plan to run it on 3 drives with 1 hot spare)
2 - prefer stability/reliability over performance
3 - price
4 - Capable of 4 GB of RAM for now (will upgrade to 8GB at a later time)

I plan to run dvd authoring software, photo shop and other typical home software. I would like to use this PC as a blue ray player with remote control (if possible), consequently I need this machine to have HDMI with audio out.

It has been about 8 years since I build a PC, so I'll need all the help I can get. At this point I'd like to find a proven motherboard that will let me do all of the above.

Thank you very much in advance for your help.
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  1. A very large number of motherboards meet your requirements, e.g., GA-EP45-UD3P, P5Q-E, most if not all X58 chipset based motherboards, etc. You have to narrow it down a bit. What CPU will you buy?
  2. To be honest, right after I posted I started reading up on the CPUs - and I realized I am far behind technology. i5/i7 seem to be way too expensive. I believe I should be fine with core2Duo with room to upgrade to core2Quad in the future. Do you think that based on the needs outlined above (in the first post) I should be OK with core2 CPUs? Thank you for the thoughtful reply.
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    A Core 2 would be fine, but do you need on-board HDMI (limiting your choice of motherboard) or on a video card? A significant number of video card have an HDMI port. What type of remote control are you looking for? One that controls the player through the PC?
  4. From what I understood a dedicated video card is preferred if blue-ray movies are to be played. I'm cool with that.
    I guess additional question at this point is to see if anyone had good luck playing BR movies, if yes - what card should I use?

    Remote control is to control Blue-ray player software (I have no clue what my options are on this one).

    I am glad to hear that core2 should be OK for my purposes.

    Has anyone had good experience with RAID5 controllers that built-in to the motherboard?
    I only worked with PERC controllers (a lot) but never with any other ones. Any suggestion would be appreciated.

    Thank you.
  5. We are running an Asustek A8N32-sli-deluxe with raid 5 /winxp prof/western digital hard drives in a normal, data intensive, business environment . Absolutely outstanding. Had a power surge, crashed the machine, back up in two hours (took me that long to read the instructions). Plan on buiding another like it this month.
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