Utility for ATI Radeo HD 2600 XT

Hello everybody.

I am in BIG trouble, so am here seeking help from all of you.

I have been using HDX 9001 tx notebook since over an year now. Since we all know Vista sucks, I downgraded it to XP this weekend.

The overall performance of the machine has shot up. But the problem is screen. The quality of screen output has reduced by miles, and it is in fact below part. It has become very dull, and gives a lot of eye strain.

The fact that I am not being able to find the utility through which we can adjust the screen resolution, brightness, contrast etc makes me believe that the ATI graphic card utility is missing. Is that right?

If no, then please let me know what the problem is.

If yes, then I have tried to look for "XP Utility for ATI Radeo HD 2600 XT" all over google but haven't been able to find it.

Point to be noted :

I added another monitor to my laptop and it works perfectly. No hassles at all.

1. am not being able to make this Primary Monitor as the option is disabled. This too seems to be result of missing ATI card utility.

2. This new monitor is working perfectly, but not the original laptop monitor. not sure what is the reason for that.

Please help!


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  1. ATI Tray Tools, free download,
    I use it instead of the Catalyst conrtol suite when im using Omega drivers. It has more control over the card than the ATI console does and its not too hard to work.

  2. Hi Mactronix.

    Thanks for your help, but it didn't make any difference. It does give me option to change color settings, but overall the screen is very dull and hard to read. You look at it for 5 mins and your eyes start watering.

    Any suggestions?
  3. Did you change the graphics drivers when you upgraded ? If not you should download and install the correct ones for running XP.
    Im guessing the drivers that are on the machine are for Vista and as such are not playing nice.

  4. Yes I did that. Device Manager in My Computer does show that the drivers have been installed.

    I'll explain how the screen looks like. It looks as if we are running on Battery on "Save Battery" mode. The screen looks dim. So not as bright as it should be.
  5. Did you try re-installing the chipset drivers for the motherboard ?
    Its begining to look like its not the card but something to do with how the power settings are set. Or worse it could be a problem with the backlight.
    Is there anything in the device manager that has a yellow triangle instead of a listing ?
    If there is then right click on it and select update driver and let it do it over the net.

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