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I just bought a XFX 750i SLI mobo , I installed all the hardware and everything is pluged in as it should be but it gives me an error in device manager when upgradeing the video driver (code 35) your computer's system firmware does not enclude enough information to properly configure and use this devise . Now I read up on it and it told me to flash the BIOS so i downloaded the ISO file from XFX web site and flashed the BIOS on reboot but no change , all my drivers are up to date . Please help . Im running Win XP PRO , I have Intel 3.0 core 2 DUO ,1 gig duel channel ram , Nvidia 9500GT PCI-E and a 680w power supply . Thanks again , hope you can help
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  1. I take it you installed the nforce drivers as well, correct? Also, standard procedure is to uninstall the video driver, and then install the new one (instead of an upgrade).
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