Help Zotac GTX295 15600 3D Mark 06 on XP

Hi Guys I am running a E8500 2gb 1066DDR2 with a gtx 295 and its slow as hell just did a fresh win xp install after I upgraded from a 8800gtx.
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  1. well 1) the E8500 is a major bottleneck, but then again most cpu's are for even the 4870 X2

    2) maybe you should up the ram to 4GB (preferably 2x2Gb or 1x4GB) and install win se7en 64bit RC1 when it comes out.
  2. +1, That CPU might be bottlenecking it anyhow.
  3. you'll need an aftermarket cooler, read little on OC guide, crank it up a little, your right is slow, i get 20,000 with a gtx 260
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