F671cr compatible processors

Hi, ive just bought a new processor for my computer and it doesnt work! socket/fsb all seem to match....

Processor is....

Pentium E5400 Dual Core 2.7
Core45nm LGA775 FSB 800mhz

Computer is Acer SA90

Motherboard is Acer f671cr

Can anyone tell me if they are compatible? or do i just have a defective processor? When switched on computer powers up, hard drive spins a bit then nothing, no signal to monitor.

Previous processor (and the one im using again now!) Pentium E2160

Any help would be great! Also if not compatible any recomendations on a new board?
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  1. It may not work, due to your motherboard's older chipset. Microsoft has got some verifcation software that detects windows keycodes not matching with the installation dvd. The oem systems are bad about forcing you to buy their replacement boards to be legal with your microsoft software, which sometimes cost as much as your original system. So you may be better off selling or returning the e5400.
  2. If you want to try a different board, go with micro atx g31. Sis doesn't make any newer chipsets that I know of for .45nm cpus, so the g31 micro atx boards are your best bet if you're not concerned about reinstalling windows. Select one with 4 sata and maybe one ide port; some don't have ide ports.
  3. is it likely that a bios update would fix the problem?
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