Nessary OC apps

I've been out of the OCing for a few years now and just recently started catching up again in anticipation for sandy bridge.

What apps are now relevant to OC for graphics/cpu and stabalization?

I'm compiling them for my new build. So far, i have:

msi afterburner

What else do I need?

furmark - not sure what the difference is with 3dmark

Do people still use Pi?

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  1. Hello,

    I'll tell you what I'm presently using :
    CPU-Z ->For monitoring the CPU configuration
    GPU-Z ->For monitoring the GPU configuration/stats
    FurMark ->For primary stability/artifacts tests. It's a folding application, so your card will get hot as hell.
    EVGA Precision ->For GPU overclocking/in-game fps and stats
    RealTemp ->For CPU temperature monitoring
    Prime95 ->For CPU stressing
    3DMark/PCMark Vantage/3DMark Vantage for general CPU/RAM/GPU testing

    In my opinion, if you can run FurMark for 5 minutes with all settings maxed out and you don't see any artifacts/crashes/blue srcreens your GPU is 100% stable.

    Hope this helps !
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